The Witnesses

Eric Omdal, Associate Pastor of Missions and Leadership Development - 3/24/2024

Acts 2:22-36; Psalms 16 & 110

Who is this Man?

  • Attested by God: Jesus’ Life & Resurrection were empowered by God – Vs. 22-24
  • Foretold by David: Jesus’ Resurrection was foretold by David. – Vs. 25-31
  • Seen by Witnesses: Jesus’ Resurrection was seen by Eyewitnesses. – Vs. 32
  • Exalted by God: Jesus’ Resurrection makes Him King over all. – Vs. 33-36

The Punchline: Jesus is Lord and Savior – Vs. 36

Big Idea: Jesus’ Resurrection makes him both Lord and Savior!

Our Response:

  • For the Unbeliever: Is He your Savior?
  • For the Believer: Is He your Lord?

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