The Spirit Arrives

Eric Omdal, Associate Pastor of Missions and Leadership Development - 3/17/2024

Acts 2:14-24; Joel 2

The arrival of the Holy Spirit is a sign that God’s Salvation has come & it’s a call to participate in God’s Mission.

  • A Warning: God’s Judgement for Sin – Joel 2:1-11
  • An Invitation: God’s Invitation to Return to Him – Joel 2:12-17
  • A Response: God’s Mercy & Grace – Joel 2:18-27
  • A Promise: God’s Spirit Poured out in Power – Joel 2:28-32

The Arrival of the Holy Spirit Means:

  • God’s Salvation has come in Christ – an invitation to Receive God’s Grace.
  • God’s Power has come by the Spirit– an invitation to Participate in God’s Mission.

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