Dead Church

1/24/2021 - 5/8/2021

What is the church?  
“The church is a Holy Spirit regenerated community of believers who assemble because of their shared confession and commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They gather for instruction in God’s Word, fellowship, the observance of the ordinances and prayer to be built up in love. They scatter for evangelism and mission in the fulfillment of Christ’s great commandment to make disciples of all nations”  

In This Series

  1. Marks of a Healthy Church #1
  2. Marks of a Healthy Church #2
  3. Three Meals, One Christ
  4. Gathering Prayer
  5. Doctrine on Display
  6. Religious Fakery: A Threat to Koinonia
  7. Religious Fakery 2: A Threat to Worship
  8. Healthy, Biblical Church Leadership
  9. Gifts of Unity
  10. Five Attitudes of a Transformed Life
  11. A Scattered People
  12. The Holy Spirit and the Church
  13. The Lord's Supper - Missing the Point
  14. The Unifying Power of the Cross