World Relief Partnership

World Relief is an international relief and development agency that offers assistance to victims of poverty, disease, hunger, war, disasters, and persecution. One of World Relief's core programs is refugee resettlement. World Relief's staff and volunteers come alongside America's newcomers, helping them adjust to the culture, find employment, learn English, take steps towards citizenship and build a future for themselves and their children.

World Relief's mission is born out of God's heart to feed the hungry, heal the sick and meet the needs of our neighbors. As Jesus did. God longs for the broadest, most diverse social network on the planet—the Church—to rise up like never before to engage the great causes of our time.

Every year, World Relief staff and volunteers help thousands of refugees - victims of war and persecution - replant their lives in the United States. With 23 offices across the U.S., World Relief is the biggest evangelical refugee resettlement agency in America. World Relief's calling is to stand for the vulnerable.

Over 4 million vulnerable people a year are served by over 100,000 volunteers actively engaged in reaching others with life saving messages.

CBC is partnering with World Relief by providing goods and services through a Good Neighbor Team (GNT). If you are interested in helping on a Good Neighbor Team, please contact Jane Soerens or Brenda Prothero.

picstitch 5It has been one year. We have enjoyed having our World Relief family here for one year. It has been a year of growth for all of us. Learning a new culture for them and learning a new culture for us. When refugees arrive in the United States, they come with an idea of what life in America will be like. Often, they find it is a lot more difficult than they imagined. They are surprised to find people in America that are hungry and don’t always have enough food. However, what they do find is opportunity. They find opportunities here they would not find had they remained in their country. And peace. Our family does not fear for their safety.

Bike riding continues to be a favorite activity of the boys. They love riding their bikes and have enjoyed the warmer weather and getting outside. The boys are adjusting to school and learning letters, numbers, colors and shapes. From having never been to school to completing their first year, we are all very excited for them. They absolutely love going to school. This is an opportunity that was not available to them in Africa.

God has truly blessed our World Relief team with this family and we have enjoyed learning together over the past year and we all look forward to what God has next. We are so very blessed.

building togetherOur new refugee friends with World Relief have been a joy to be around and the Good Neighbor Team has learned a lot about Africa and cultural differences.  We have grown to love "A" and her 2 sons and have enjoyed teaching them about life in the USA.  This past week the boys were able to swim and to build.  They went to the Appleton YMCA with Miss Katie and Miss Nancy to play in the water--and they loved it!  On Saturday they were able to build with Mr. Dennis.  They drilled and sawed and hammered.  Tools in the hands of future men--what a great sight.

They have been attending church with us and the boys are adjusting well in KZ Street.  "A" is starting to meet people and loves to worship her Lord and Savior on Sunday mornings.  While the worship styles between her former church and our church are different, it is good to worship the same God together.  We consider it a joy to serve our Lord through loving this family God has brought to our church.the boys

world-relief-3On Thursday, April 17, "A" and her 2 sons stepped off the airplane in Appleton.  Waiting for them at the airport were a group of "new" friends.  These new friends are part of a Good Neighbor Team from Calvary Bible Church  that volunteers with World Relief to help resettle refugees into the Fox Valley.

"A" left behind her difficult life in Congo to come to the United States with hopes of a better life for her family.  Over the past 2 weeks, the Good Neighbor Team (GNT) has stepped in to help her in a variety of ways.  We take them to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, church and a variety of other activities.  A fabulous group of volunteers has helped her settle into her own apartment.  She happened to mention that beds weren't necessary as they often slept on the floor before coming to Appleton--but they all received brand new beds, bedding and pillows.  (Thanks to many who have donated and given things to this family.)

We enjoyed a birthday party on Saturday, May 3 for one of her sons.    "A" cooked (without recipes) wonderful food.  We are learning a lot about cultural differences and enjoying the process together.  It seems the Congolese are not as "time" sensitive as we Americans are.  Meeting at 4 pm for a birthday party found all us Americans on time and ready to go--but the other Congolese family that was invited came at 6 pm.  Guess what??? We ate at 6pm.

One of "A's" first purchases at a Goodwill Store was a Bible.  She mentioned she had lots of time to read her Bible and enjoyed it very much.  "A" and her sons have been attending church at CBC.  It is very different than her past church experience in Congo.

Thanks to the Boomer Class and many others who have helped, donated, shopped, moved and welcomed "A" and her sons to our community.  You are appreciated!  Thanks for allowing God to use you in this way.  It will be a long but very rewarding journey.