Judea: Wisconsin & Border States

The Judea Region consists of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois.

The purpose of the Judea Regional team is to provide overall care to the missionaries and organizations sent and supported by CBC within the region. Care includes, prayer, regular communication, and home assignment ministry.

  • Norm Hubbard

    Norm Hubbard

    Director College Ministry-Navigators


    Norman Hubbard works with the Navigators Collegiate ministry in the Fox Valley. His goal is to reach lost students, raise up disciples, and equip them for a lifetime of service. The main question is not whether our campuses can be reached, but whether students' lives can be transformed while they are on campus in such a way that the world can be ...

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  • Jeff & Jess Clochesy

    Jeff & Jess Clochesy

    The Navigators: UW-Eau Claire College Ministry


    We work with The Navigators of Canada in Ottawa, Canada's capital and home to a diverse international population, laboring among students at Carleton University, The University of Ottawa and Algonquin College. Our vision is to see Christ-centered laborers living next door to everywhere. We help students become and grow as apprentices of Jesus in ...

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  • Servant Care International

    Servant Care International

    Formerly Sonshine Ministries


    Servant Care International (formerly Sonshine Ministries) provides resource centers and personnel to assist with the housing, personal and spiritual needs of missionaries, pastors and other vocational Christian workers who are proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ locally and around the world. This is done through the Sonshine Apartments in ...

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  • Dave & Gretta Shepherd

    Dave & Gretta Shepherd


    Dave is the business manager for IFES/USA, providing administrative efficiency, development, and oversight of American donations that build and strengthen the ministry in 150+ countries. IFES ministers to university students worldwide, using students to reach other students with the gospel of Christ.

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  • Jeremy & Kerrie Linsley

    Jeremy & Kerrie Linsley

    Program Director-Camp Barakel


    Jeremy works as one of the Program Directors and Kerrie serves in various capacities at this interdenominational camp that hosts around 9,500 people each year. They have summer camps as well as fall and winter retreats. Camp Barakel seeks to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to all who come and enjoy the 350 wooded acres.

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  • Dan & Ren Brygger

    Dan & Ren Brygger

    Prision Ministry Regional Director

    Dan &René work in the Prison Ministry of Cru. Dan is the Upper Midwest Regional Director and leads the Wisconsin team of staff and volunteers working in ten state and country correctional facilities. René ministers to women in the prisons.

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  • Double Portion

    Double Portion

    Local Food Kitchen

    P: (920) 725-5601

    Double Portion is a partnership of 4 area churches(including Calvary) and serves meals every Monday, Wednesday (except the 3rd Wednesday of the month) and Thursday from 11:30-12:30pm and holidays that fall on a serving day. It is located at St. Thomas Church in Menasha. They also operate the Double Portion Pantry during serving times which ...

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  • Mission Aviation Support Association

    Mission Aviation Support Association

    Mission Aviation Support Association


    MASA was formed to help and coordinate housing, meals, transportation, and speaking engagements for the representatives of many mission aviation organizations who come to the EAA in Oshkosh every summer to inform the aviation community and the general public about the importance of mission aviation. Many local churches get involved in housing, ...

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  • April Bricco

    April Bricco

    Intervarsity—Carroll University

    April is a missionary with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin. She is working with a current chapter of about 120 students to bring the gospel more fully to campus. Her main focuses are discipleship of current students and evangelism to students who have not yet made the decision to follow Christ.

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  • Bill & Sue Stukenberg

    Bill & Sue Stukenberg

    Directors, Servant Care International

    Bill and Sue are the directors of Servant Care International. As a part of their ministry, they maintain and operate Sonshine Apartments in Menasha and Northhaven Pastors' Retreat Condo in Door County. They also provide pastoral care for missionaries as requested. As a part of their pastoral care ministry, they have developed Novella Retreats. ...

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