You don’t have to go through separation or divorce alone!

DivorceCare is a Christ-centered support group where you can find help and healing if you are walking through this season of life. Each week, we watch an instructive video that interviews top experts about issues related to the separation and divorce process. We also set aside time to share our own stories with others. There is real comfort in coming together as people who are walking down this difficult road and supporting one another in the process.  

You are welcome to join at any time! While you will likely feel a little uncomfortable during your first visit, you will quickly see that we are a loving, caring community of people who want to help each other walk through this journey.

Due to the current and future viruses, DivorceCare participants are encouraged to wear face coverings, but they are not mandatory. Social distancing will be expected. This allows each participant to pursue the spiritual, emotional, physical and relational healing offered through this ministry.



Connections Room (220)


Clyde Rasmussen
(920) 858-5859


Park in the West (Back) Parking Lot and come in through Door 15. Go past the Cafe & the room is across from the Resource Center. 

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