Wednesday Women's Bible Study
Sep 22 @ 9:25 AM
A focused time of Bible study and connection with other women of all ages.

Beginning on April 7, Sarah Pollock and Stacey Sparks will lead us in a new series entitled “Life in the Valley: Staying Faithful in Hard Places.” Life is a series of mountains and valleys, and each day brings new experiences. Some of our days have struggles, and others are filled with great joy.

Join us as we look at the valley of decision, the valley of challenges, the valley of grief, the valley of renewal, and the valley of journey. As we travel through each of these valleys, we will be reminded of the truth that no matter what is happening in our life, God is enough!

Wednesday Women's Bible Study
Sep 22 @ 9:25 AM


Fellowship Center


Bobbie Peterson
(920) 730-8504


"Take Heart" - Wednesday Morning Bible Study

9:25 - 11am in the Fellowship Center (park in the West/Back Parking Lot and come in Door 15)

The human heart beats for help, healing, and hope. God speaks to our broken hearts through the Bible - hearts that may be fearful, sad, weak, anxious, and guilty - encouraging us and comforting us with the words, “Take Heart.” In this 5-week series taught by Andrea Van Ye, we will step into stories in the Gospels pertaining to who Jesus is and His love and provision for us.

Whether you are familiar with the Bible or have never read it before, join us to grow in relationship with the Lord and with one another.

A children’s program is available. The children's program is free but operates as a co-op. Moms utilizing childcare commit to helping in the childcare program each quarter.