Regional Missions Team

At Calvary Bible Church we take seriously our role in supporting those serving on the mission field - both foreign and domestic. William Carey, the father of modern missions famously said before leaving for India: "I will go down into the pit, if you will hold the ropes." Our desire is to "hold the ropes" for our field workers and ensure they are cared for, prayed for, and not forgotten as they serve!

We develop intentional relationships with our missionaries and gather on a monthly basis to pray for and support them in their ministry! Mission regions are established based on geography and teams are assigned to each region.

Regional Team Member Responsibilities

  • Build relationships with 1-2 missionaries in your region
  • Update your team with the needs and activities of your missionary
  • Advocate for missions in your small group and church family
  • Provide hospitality to your missionaries as you are able
  • Engage in short term missions opportunities as God leads

Opportunity Details:

Skills Needed: A close walk with the Lord, A love and concern for missions and the lost, Discernment and sensitivity
Scheduling Options: Monthly
Time Commitment: Attend monthly missions meeting, Participate in church family missions events