Celebration Sunday (8:30 Service)

Keith Doyle, Senior Pastor - 4/30/2023

Child Dedication

Child Dedication Services give parents of young children a formal, public opportunity to dedicate their child to the Lord. They recognize their child as a gift from God. The parents publicly commit to providing a nurturing environment that encourages their child to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and to develop an ongoing relationship with Him. The church family commits to support the parents as they disciple their child. We are excited to pray for: Lydia Borke (Brian & Melissa), Shepherd Christenberry (Collin & Katie), Jonathan Foat (Adam & April), Jayden Mukachung (Eric & Tracy Nkulu), Adelyn & Caleb Nickols (Stephen & Katie).


We believe, in accordance with the Lord’s command, Christians should be baptized as a public declaration of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Through baptism, Christians are proclaiming the spiritual reality of our death to sin and resurrection to new life in Christ. Believers being baptized: Alexander Dahlke, Emilio Robles, Ava Burow, Kaley Heiman, John Daft, and Simeon Perkins.

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