Why Do We Need A Vision Statement?

by Elder Dennis Prothero

This is part one of a series on church vision.

Church elders and ministry leaders have spent two years prayerfully developing our church vision and laying out yearly goals to help us accomplish our vision.

A vision is defined as "the ability to see." Using that as a central idea, a church vision statement might be worded as a statement that gives us the ability to see the future that God intends us to walk into for the next season.

A vision statement brings clarity to our mission.

Proverbs 29 says: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” That is a good reason!

Amos 3:7 states, “The sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants.” Did you catch that? God actually wants to tell us His plans! That’s another pretty good reason to have a vision.

God actually wants to tell us His plans!

A third reason to craft a vision is captured in the quote, “People can't focus on fog!”

These are all good reasons, but they apply to all men for all time. So why does Calvary need a vision?

Calvary is a big church and it is easy to lose focus.

Bill Hybels calls vision “a picture of the future which produces passion in people.”  Calvary needs a church vision to energize us and help focus our energy on the right objectives. It's easy to become drained from all of the ministries we involve ourselves in and it's easy to lose focus.

Vision helps us dream.

I have found that it is harder to dream as I get older. I remember when my wife and I took long walks when we were first married and dreamed some incredibly big dreams for our life. In contrast, today I am staring retirement in the face and cannot see past the fog. I think the same can happen to a church.

A church vision can help clear the fog and makes the future become bigger and brighter than our memories.

I love to hear Calvary’s stories: the growing, the building, the moving, the sending, etc. But all of these stories have one thing in common – they all are in the past. I recently came across this quote:

Churches fail to reach their full potential because their memories are bigger than their dreams.

It is interesting and a bit scary that our past success can hinder our future. We can become so satisfied with what we have done that we are no longer hungry for what God has for us in the future.

God has big things in store for Calvary.

God is not done preparing works for Calvary to walk in. We have not arrived as a church to such an extent that we can sit back and rest. We have not accomplished all God intends for us as a church Body and as individuals.

I am excited to see what God has planned for us as we go forward into our future and embrace our vision:

Calvary Bible Church: Making Disciples Together - in our homes, in the church, among our neighbors, throughout the world.

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