Precept Studies

Looking to dig deep into God's word? Precept Bible studies use an inductive study method developed by Kay Arthur from Precept Ministries based out of Chatanooga, TN. Inductive bible study involves observation, interpretation, and application of the text we are studying. Each class involves 1 hour of homework discussion(usually 1 hour of homework for 5 days), then a short refreshment break followed by a DVD from Precept Ministries. It is a great way to do Bible study if you are looking to dig deeper into God’s Word and know truth for yourself!

Classes are announced in the bulletin about 6 weeks prior to starting. Registration is required as each member of the class with use a study guide which the leader needs to order. Payment is due the night of class. This cost varies depending on how many weeks of study are involved, but is typically less than $20.

Monday Night Precepts classes are offered in September and February and run from 6:30–8:45 PM. The Monday evening class is open to men and women. Thursday AM Precepts usually offers two classes per year.

If you have an questions regarding Precept Bible Studies, check out or contact Jessie Peterson (920.841.3908 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).