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On February 12, 2017, Calvary Bible Church unveiled a 10-year vision to "Make Disciples Together." This vision includes raising up new leaders, growing to spiritual maturing as a community, establishing a "Path to Growth" for young believers, and reaching out in our homes, neighborhoods, and world to share the love of Jesus.

Part of the vision includes reaffirming the core values of our church which we will work to integrate across all the ministries of the church.

Core Values


We will be a humble and prayerful congregation with a deepening dependence on God’s grace in Christ, and directed by the Holy Spirit (Eph 2:8-9; Gal 5:16; Eph 6:18).


In response to God’s grace, we will be a congregation committed to a joyful obedience to Him and His kingdom. This includes submitting our hearts, engaging in Christ’s mission, and being wise stewards of the resources He has provided (Eph 2:10; Luke 9:23-24).

Christ-Centered Teaching

We strive for all to be biblically grounded, transformed, and equipped through the private and corporate study of God’s Word as it reveals God’s redemptive work in Christ (2 Tim 3:15-17; Eph 2:9-10).

Gospel-Shaped Community

We believe that community formed around the gospel is central for discipleship and we aspire to dynamic, loving relationships among fellow believers across all generations (2 Tim 2:1-2; Eph 5:18-19).

Inter-Generational Culture

We seek to unite believers of all ages to come together in worship and service to the Lord (Deut 6:6-7).