Kingdom Zone

KINGDOM ZONE encompasses our Sunday Morning ministries. Our mission is to partner with parents in guiding children toward becoming committed followers of Christ, who know Him, reflect His character and are active in His work. It is our goal to foster a joyful positive church experience and to build faith foundations that ultimately lead to thinking and acting like Jesus.

Infants thru Age 2

babyland-1The Babyland team celebrates your child as a gift from the Lord!

We demonstrate the love of Jesus as we share through hugs, play, simple Bible stories, prayers, songs and caring. We think that infants and toddlers can absorb spiritual concepts through a hands-on teaching method. We believe a safe, clean, nurturing environment in the early years is a stepping stone to trusting Jesus as Lord and Savior in later years.

(Ages 2 thru 4)

kzpre1In KZ Preschool we focus strongly on building Biblical foundations in all of our Calvary kids. Teaching preschoolers is like constructing a building. We must create a strong base, a strong foundation, for future understanding. As we help boys and girls begin to understand more about God and Jesus, they establish a strong base on which others can build for future understanding. We must guide young children to understand fully the basic concepts before moving to more complex ideas and truths.

KZPRe begins their summer schedule on Sunday, June 15 during both the 8:45 AM and 10:20 AM hours. Over the summer, we will be concentrating on three key Bible stories using the Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum. God's Word is full of promises and the kids will be learning about the promises made to Noah, Abraham and Moses and that Jesus is at the center of God's great big story. Our goal this summer is to teach our preschoolers that when God makes a PROMISE He keeps it!

(Sixth Grade Students)

the-bridgeSixth graders have a unique Sunday experience only during the 8:45 hour. These early teens participate in a dynamic class time that helps them to "bridge" the distance between childhood and adulthood. We use this high energy class to emphasize the biblical worldview, reinforce spiritual disciplines and provide spiritual preparation for adolescence. Meets in Room 317.

Summer Schedule: Students going into Grade 7 in the fall are welcome to join the C-TEAM Sunday class at 8:45 AM during the summer months.

(Kindergarten–Grade 5)

kzstreet1Take a stroll down "KZStreet" on Sundays and you will find kids enjoying a dynamic, fun-filled morning learning about our Lord and Savior in both a large-group and small-group format in order to impact the hearts of your children now and into the future.

Our main goal on KZStreet is to partner with you in developing your children's spiritual lives. Our current curriculum will lead us through the Bible,

(for Children with Special Needs)

masterpieceMasterpiece is a ministry of Calvary Bible Church for children with special needs. Masterpiece is a ministry intended to help children with special needs and their families experience love and acceptance during worship, instruction and fellowship at CBC.

The Masterpiece brochure contains a complete listing of policies and procedures. Brochures are located in the church office and at the Welcome Booths in the Campus Center or Lobby.