For Parents

kz-parentsThe Kingdom Zone Mission Statement is: "Partnering with parents in guiding children toward becoming committed followers of Christ who know him, reflect His character and are active in His work." And as such we are always looking for ways to connect what we are working on in Kingdom Zone with things for you to utilize in your home and family adventure.

Dear Parents,

It is always difficult to talk with kids about tragedies like the school shooting in Connecticut especially when we live in such an information saturated culture. But it is extremely important that parents help kids to process informayion but also to reassure them. Not letting kids talk about what might confuse or frighten them is far worse than having their imaginations create a more frightening scenario than necessary. Let them talk and ask questions. But listen carefully and get a sense of where they are regarding the issues. The following article comes from “HomeWord” and written by Jim Burns. I trust it will be helpful.

Partnering with you, Becky Servi

Jim Burns: Dealing With Tragediespdf

There are many books on parenting. A stop at the local Christian Bookstore will find a whole section of them! We've reviewed & used many parenting books. Here is list of some of most helpful we have found:

We offer an instructional class about communion called ”Remembering Him” as an elective on Sunday morning usually in January. This class is designed to introduce children to the origin, symbolism, meaning and importance of communion. This optional elective class is targeted for 3rd-5th graders. Participation in the class and in communion is a family decision based on discussions to analyze the maturity of your child’s personal relationship with Jesus and their spiritual desire to follow Christ in their daily life. Watch for further details!