children-staffHere at Calvary Bible Church we think that kids are great! It's our privilege to partner with parents in the wonderful opportunity of guiding children toward becoming committed followers of Jesus! Children are very important to us and we believe each age—from nursery to 6th grade—is significant in helping children to develop a relationship with Christ. Through a variety of programs, the children’s ministry emphasizes the authority of the Bible, teaching its storyline and the basic doctrines of our faith. We are committed to programming that fosters a joyful, positive church experience and to building faith foundations that ultimately lead to thinking and acting like a follower of Jesus.

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Our Vision Statement

"Partnering with parents in guiding children toward becoming committed followers of Christ who know him, reflect His character and are active in His work."

Children's Ministry Values

Partnering with Parents—We recognize that God has given parents the responsibility for the development of their children’s faith. We want to support parents by equipping them in parenting and faith-training and by giving them opportunities for involvement in KZ.

Biblical Worldview Instruction—Programming will utilize strategies to help children develop a biblical worldview.

Relevant to Children in the 21st Century—We want children to become committed followers of Christ. For this to happen our instruction and methods must have a connection to who they are.

Provide Encouragement & Opportunity—Our desire is to encourage children to get involved in God’s work and provide them with opportunities to do so. Being active in ministry cements faith, helping it "to stick" & become a calling.

Safe & Secure Environment—Children do not live in a secure world. We must do everything possible to help them feel secure physically and emotionally. The trust they have in us and this place will help them develop trust in Jesus.