Senior Ministries

This ministry aims to provide opportunities and services to those 50 years and older. These opportunities are divided into two general areas: To fellowship in spiritual matters and to provide social relationships. These two aspects of ministry are so necessary as we progress into the later stages of life.

A number of our "seniors" are still employed in their professions and do not have the same amount of time nor the same need as those that are "retired". They may not yet feel that they belong to this group but all are most welcome.

Many of the seniors with time available are very busy in spiritual ministry, visiting others and meetings in small groups, some formal and other informal. Visitation is conducted by many as they reach out to those in need at all levels and ages. Others host Bible studies.

Spiritual Growth Opportunities

  • Sunday Evening Fellowship—A forum for Bible and Missionary study
  • Equipping classes—Aimed at meeting the needs of the Seniors
  • Home studies—Meetings for Bible study
  • Special study events on occasions
  • Hymn "Sings" allow participants to enjoy this sacred music several times a year
  • Prayer times hosted and attended by Seniors

Fellowship Activities

  • Two different monthly potlucks fellowships
  • Monthly breakfast fellowship
  • Twice-yearly picnics
  • Field and excursion trips to points of interest.