(Ages 2 thru 4)

kzpre1In KZ Preschool we focus strongly on building Biblical foundations in all of our Calvary kids. Teaching preschoolers is like constructing a building. We must create a strong base, a strong foundation, for future understanding. As we help boys and girls begin to understand more about God and Jesus, they establish a strong base on which others can build for future understanding. We must guide young children to understand fully the basic concepts before moving to more complex ideas and truths.

KZPRe begins their summer schedule on Sunday, June 15 during both the 8:45 AM and 10:20 AM hours. Over the summer, we will be concentrating on three key Bible stories using the Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum. God's Word is full of promises and the kids will be learning about the promises made to Noah, Abraham and Moses and that Jesus is at the center of God's great big story. Our goal this summer is to teach our preschoolers that when God makes a PROMISE He keeps it!

KZPreschool Rooms

  • Room 204—Beginners (age 2 by 9/1)
  • Room 206—Expolorers (age 3 by 9/1)
  • Room 200—Investigators (age 4 by 9/1)

Spiritual Guidelines

To accomplish our goals of building  a foundation we utilize many different learning styles. Whether it is using puzzles for the visual learners, songs for the auditory learners, crafts for the sensory...We play with a purpose. Every game, craft, activity is used to reinforce the Biblical truth that is being taught that week.

Security/Check-In Procedures

We strive to provide an atmosphere in which you know your child is being cared for in a safe and age-appropriate environment.

  • kzpre2First–Time Guests: Stop by the Children's Ministry booth and complete a registration card. A nametag with security number will be clipped to the child at check-in and the parent receives a security tag with the correlating number on it. Our staff will check the numbers before allowing the child out of their classroom at checkout.
  • All registered families can check-in all their children at any of the check-in stations. Children (birth through 5th grade) will be given a name badge to wear with a unique security code and parents will receive a security receipts with matching unique codes which are needed to claim their children at the end of their morning experience.
  • All staff and volunteers are screened using application forms, reference checks and criminal background checks. All have been trained and made aware of our safety and security policies.