(Kindergarten–Grade 5)

kzstreet1Take a stroll down "KZStreet" on Sundays and you will find kids enjoying a dynamic, fun-filled morning learning about our Lord and Savior in both a large-group and small-group format in order to impact the hearts of your children now and into the future.

Our main goal on KZStreet is to partner with you in developing your children's spiritual lives. Our current curriculum will lead us through the Bible,

focusing on the foundational Bible stories so that children will understand not only the facts of the story, but also the Biblical principles that it communicates.

Another goal we have is for your children to understand the order in which Biblical events happened, help them understand how the stories connect and help them begin to understand the whole of God's redemptive story.

Lastly, we would hope your children would use their Bibles regularly, learn from it and treasure it. We offer a weekly take-home sheet to help your children dig further into the things they learned on Sunday. Kids can work on it individually or with their family and then bring it back the next week for a small reward. We hope this tool helps you be more intentional in the time you spend with your children making that connection between church and home.

KZStreet Rooms

kzstreet2KZStreet starts with your child experiencing a Christ-centered large group teaching time with an intentional time of worship through music. Through weekly lessons that use a variety of teaching styles the Bible is taught in ways that can be applied to their everyday lives. Then loving and service-oriented volunteer leaders break off into separate rooms to lead their small groups to venture deeper in the lesson and work to build meaningful relationships with each child and give the opportunity for the KZKids to connect with others their own age.

Security/Check-In Procedures

  • First–Time Guests: Stop by the Children's Ministry booth and complete a registration card and numbered wristbands. Each child and parent will get a set of wristbands with a unique numbered code. Staff will check those matching wristbands in the small group classrooms before releasing your child.
  • All registered families can check-in all their children at any of the check-in stations. Children (birth through 5th grade) will be given a name badge to wear with a unique security code and parents will receive a security receipts with matching unique codes which are needed to claim their children at the end of their morning experience.
  • The morning begins with all elementary kids in a large group time of worship and the Bible lesson, then kids will move to classrooms for small-group reinforcing learning activities with their small-group leaders. Parents will pick up their children from their small-group locations.

KZStreet is in session for both the 8:45 a.m. and 10:20 a.m. hours during the school year. The worship and Bible story are similar both hours, but the leaders and small group time is different each hour.

KZStreet Summer Schedule

During the summer months, we only meet during the 8:45 AM hour. Parents drop their kids off and pick them up in the MP Room. Each week, we will have worship, games, crafts, memory verses and object lessons.