C-Team Sunday

Middle School (Grades 7& 8) students meet during the 8:45 AM hour on Sunday Mornings throughout the year.

Girls (Room 205)

Our class is set up in a way to allow plenty of social interaction. We begin or end our class with an icebreaker--a game to get us talking that ties into our lesson. Typically we study a topic or book of the Bible for four to eight weeks before moving on to a new lesson/unit. God's truths are studied in ways that give girls godly principles to live by and are relevant to their age group. Every week is a different as we use a variety of teaching methods to engage young women in learning.

Boys (Room 207)

We use a variety of teaching styles to present the lessons including small groups, video, role playing, study guides & other handouts, and socratic teaching. With junior highers the challenge is to incorporate a variety of activities to keep them attentive. Lessons are usually divided into three sections: an attention grabber, Bible exploration, and conclusion & application.

This summer the teachers will be different each Sunday as we rotate between the 7th & 8th grade girls and boys instructors. Each teacher will bring their unique style to their instruction of the lesson objective.