Infants thru Age 2

babyland-1The Babyland team celebrates your child as a gift from the Lord!

We demonstrate the love of Jesus as we share through hugs, play, simple Bible stories, prayers, songs and caring. We think that infants and toddlers can absorb spiritual concepts through a hands-on teaching method. We believe a safe, clean, nurturing environment in the early years is a stepping stone to trusting Jesus as Lord and Savior in later years.

Babyland Rooms

  • Room 115 – infants: from newborns to early walkers.
  • Room 117 – Toddler 1: children who are walking securely
  • Room 119 – Toddler 2: children who are two years old. (the toddlers stay in T2 until the following September, when they move to Beginners in the KZPreschool area.)

Spiritual Nurturing

  • Our babies and toddlers have special Bible lessons, beginning as soon as babies can sit up. These lessons are fast-paced and highly interactive. The babies and toddlers love it!
  • Early concepts of prayer, respect for others and kindness are modeled.
  • Each baby is specially prayed for throughout the morning as caregivers pray for each child individually.

Security/Check In Procedures

  • First–Time Guests: Stop by the Bablyand counter and fill out a registration card noting any special instructions. You will be given a vibrating pager for notification purposes. You must have the pager with you to pick up your child.
  • All registered families can check-in all their children at any of the check-in stations. Children (birth through 5th Grade) will be given a name badge to wear with a unique security code and parents will receive a security receipts with matching unique codes which are needed to claim their children at the end of their morning experience. Babyland families will also be given a vibrating pager for notification purposes.
  • Please label all bottles, pacifiers and diapers and other possessions with your child's name.
  • Babyland operates on a "well baby" policy. Please do not bring your child if any of these symptoms are present: fever, cough, diarrhea, impetigo or rashes, active chicken pox, conjunctivitis (pink eye), measles, nasal drainage that is not clear or being treated with antibiotics for less than 24 hours.
  • All staff and volunteers are screened using application forms, reference checks and criminal background checks. All have been trained and made aware of our safety and security policies.