Seasonal Worship Choir

Music plays a major role in our individual lives and in the worship life of our church. The primary purpose and commitment of our choir is to please and promote God and serve our congregation through worship. We strive to provide music that is biblically sound and that encourages people to focus both heart and mind on the presence of the living God.

The Calvary Seasonal Choir sings and helps lead in worship twice a year on Easter and Christmas. Rehearsals are an encouraging and energizing time where our voices, hearts and minds are drawn together in the message of the music. No audition is required—we have a broad range of musical background and experience represented. The choir is provided with performance recordings and CD rehearsal tracks of the music as tools to help learn the music between rehearsal times.

The choir begins rehearsals approximately 4 weeks prior to our Christmas and Easter services, meeting on Sundays after the second church service. Rehearsal dates are sometimes adjusted to better meet the overall Church ministry schedule. We are careful to communicate to our members by email any upcoming changes in our schedule.

In order to be prepared to sing and lead in worship, it is important that our choir members be committed learning the material. With limited rehearsal time, we strive to make the most of our time. That's why we provide rehearsal tracks and sheet music ahead of time. With these we can spend time at home working with the rehearsal tracks and looking over the parts. As we are able, the CDs will have each of the choir parts emphasized so that members can continue to learn their part and practice the songs between rehearsal times.

We would love to have you come to a rehearsal so that we can meet you and you can see what our ministry is all about. If you are interested in our Worship Choir, please contact Clint Compton (920) 284.2186 or the Church Office (920) 725.3896.