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Ephesians 5

Because Christ has loved and given himself for us, husbands are to love their wives sacrificially.


Ephesians 5

Because Christ has made us new, wives are to submit to their own husbands as a part of their submission to Christ.


Ephesians 5

Because Christ has made us new, our marriages are centered on him. They reflect his relationship with the church, and they are for the purpose of our growth in him.


Ephesians 5

Temptation: How close can I get to sin without actually sinning? Tension: Is this the wise thing to do? Truth: Walk Wisely


Ephesians 5

Because God has made us light in the Lord Jesus, we are to walk in the light by remembering our new identity, by doing God’s will, and by living a life of repentance.


Ephesians 4-5

Because God has been gracious to us in Christ, we are to act graciously with one another. 


Ephesians 4

Jesus said that “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” (Mt. 12:34) The Apostle Paul reminds us that as children of God we are not to use any corrupt speech but rather gracious speech that builds up the body of Christ. He is speaking to believers and reminds us that our motivation to speak only that which builds up others is so that we do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God. Paul makes this clear by stating it as a command. As redeemed people the text makes it clear that the way we speak to one another is a choice and that we are always to choose gracious speech.


Ephesians 4

Because we are a part of Jesus’ new creation, we are to love one another by being at peace with one another and by sharing with one another.


Guest Speaker Dr. David Kunselman shares the role MASA fills in ministering to hundreds of missionary aviators and their families during the annual Experimental Aircraft Association convention.


Ephesians 4

Because we are a part of Jesus’ new creation, we are to love one another by telling the truth to one another and by being at peace with one another.


Ephesians 4

When we come to Christ, we are called to live differently. And we are able to live differently because we have been made new by Christ.


Ephesians 4

So that we can grow as disciples and protect the reputation of Jesus and his church, we are to involve ourselves in church discipline.


Ephesians 4

We are called to submit to Christ through membership in the local church.


Ephesians 4

In order to play our part in the growth of the church, we are 1) to depend on the grace Jesus gives, and 2) to take the next step that God calls us to.


Ephesians 4

The Lord Jesus has called all of us to play a part in the growth of the church.


Ephesians 4

God's calling on his people exists in realities we currently experience and in a future reality we look forward too.


Ephesians 3

We are to know the love of God in Christ and we are to respond with worship and with living a life worthy of the calling we have received.


Ephesians 3

We are to participate in and to endure in the work of the glorious ministry of Christ.


Colossians 4

CBC Missionary Norm Hubbard helps us understand the powerful message Paul wrote to the Colossian believers in chapter 4:4-6. God is ALWAYS at work in our world. When the opportuntity presents itself, how will we respond?


Ephesians 2

Since God has made us a part of a new community in Christ, we are invest our lives in that new community.