It doesn't take much to see that our world is made up of destructive relationships—from families to nations. A cursory glimpse into the past will show it has always been this way. What may not be obvious is we all desire good, healthy, loving relationships, but we really don't know how or where to find them. The reason for this is we have all broken our relationship with God, who is the only source of the wisdom and love needed to secure and hold the elusive relationships we all seek. In short, only in God, who created us for these relationships both with Him and consequentially with each other, will we truly love and be loved.

Because of our rebellion against God, we are unable to find our way back to God on our own. But because God loves us, He has reached down to us by entering into our dark and confusing world in order to destroy the barrier separating us from God and the relationship with Him we are all missing, yet desperately need to truly live. The barrier He has destroyed once and for all is the Sin of our rebellion and the death that has come from our Sin. God entered into our world through His only and unique son, Jesus Christ. Jesus, who is perfect human and perfect God, suffered all we suffer and was tempted in every way we are tempted, but without rebelling against God. Even though innocent, Jesus was condemned to die by the most hideous method known to humankind; we nailed Jesus—naked, tortured, beaten, mocked, and ridiculed—to a cross of wood. As Jesus hung crucified, God laid all of our Sin—its consequences and its pride of power—on Jesus; and Jesus died and was buried. But because of Jesus' love--as proved by His faithfulness to God, and His innocence--death had no hold over Jesus; and on the third day, God raised Jesus from the dead to perfect life. For this reason, Jesus ascended into heaven to rule His kingdom from the right hand of God.

Good News! Now because of Jesus' perfect, completed work of faithfulness, if we repent of our rebellion, the sins we have committed on account of our rebellion, and our trust in the alleged power of our rebellion—that the resurrection of Jesus has proven to be powerless—and surrender ourselves completely to the rule and love of Christ—which is to stand obedient in Him through a pure faith—we will live forever through Him and know His love; for to know His love is to be loved and truly love in a restored relationship with God and, when Jesus physically returns to unify His kingdom throughout heaven and earth, perfectly love each other in the relationships we all long for and were created for.

Come, enter into the beauty of Christ's kingdom and live; for only there will you find love, the wisdom to truly love, and the forgiveness for when you might fail to love.