Our Mission

Calvary Bible Church is a Christ-centered community whose purpose is to glorify God through the transforming power of Christ's truth and love, so that we can make disciples from all nations who know Him and make Him known.

Vision and Values...

We envision Calvary Bible Church as a faith community that is actively committed to living out the life of Christ in all that we do (Galations 2:20). We want to be a congregation that not only knows God's Word, but also actively lives out the principles of Scripture in every area of life. We envision a congregation that "knows Christ and makes him known" through a variety of ministries that...Exalt the Lord Jesus through ministry, equip people for life and ministry, and evangelize people in our community and in our world.

In order to carry out this mission and to make Christ known in all places and for His glory, we will focus on three spheres of ministry:


We believe that we were made to worship God through every part of our lives, and that we will be most satisfied when we live lives of worship toward God.  Corporate worship is a central part of our life together as a church family.  We desire to come together, humbly and honestly to magnify the goodness and greatness of God.    (Isaiah 12:5, Romans 12:1)

Worship is not only a big part of our Sunday services, it underlies why we do everything else we do, from learning and growing to serving and celebrating.


We desire to be a church where believers of every age are growing to become like Jesus Christ, and are being equipped to live lives of love, obedience and service. This happens through the transforming work of Christ as we grow in relationship with God. (Ephesians 4:12-13)

There are many opportunities to be equipped including Sunday Morning Equipping Classes, LIFE Groups, Men’s & Women’s ministry, Children’s & Youth ministries and many more.


We envision a church where believers of every age are active witnesses for Christ, desiring to make the transformational power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ known locally, in our nation, and around the world.  (Acts 1:8)

God calls us to shine brightly as lights for Him through our lives each day by demonstrating God’s love and talking about the truth of the Gospel and its impact on our own lives.  Calvary offers many opportunities to invite friends and loved ones to come and discover what life with God is all about through God’s family, the church.