Searching For Our Next Senior Pastor

As a church family, we have a vision of Making Disciples Together: In our homes, in our church, in our community, and throughout the world! We are in the process of seeking a Senior Pastor who will shepherd and lead us into the next season of ministry through engaging preaching and visible, warm, relational and visionary leadership. This is an exciting time in the life of our church!

The Search Committee

The Elders of our church prayerfully selected a search committee to partner with a professional search firm in seeking to discover and recommend the candidate God desires to be the next Senior Pastor of our church. The members of this committee are spiritually mature and engaged men and women who represent a cross-section of our congregation. Pray that they will be able to discern the will of God in this time!

The search committee members are:

  • Steven Nichols (Chairman)

  • Ted & Denise Hansen

  • Jeff & Bethany Swanstrom

  • Nancy Argo

  • Harv Erickson

  • Steve Mercer

  • Deb Smoll

  • Jim Spranger

  • Logan Ott

If you have questions, concerns, or feedback about the search process, please contact the committee:

Contact the Search Committee

The Search Firm

The Vanderbloemen Search Group has been hired to recruit and interview potential candidates. They work closely with churches to develop an ideal profile that fits into the role the church is seeking to fill. Using that information, they can screen hundreds of applicants in a few months. Vanderbloemen will give the search committe of list of 5-6 high-potential candidates to review.

View the Postion Listing


The Process

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Each time Calvary Bible Church has hired a new Senior Pastor has been unique. To guide this search, the Elders developed a profile and position description based on much prayer and feedback from ministry leaders, staff, and the congregation. This information was shared with the search firm and the search committee as the basis for selecting and recommending a Senior Pastor Candidate. The search firm will identify potential candidates to be interviewed and evaluated by the search committee. The committee will then present a candidate to the elders who will perform another round of interviews and evaluation. If the elders decide to recommend the candidate to be the next Senior Pastor, the candidate would meet with the congregation and staff and participate in preaching on Sunday morning(s). The congregation would meet several times and then vote on affirming the recommendation of the elders.

Phase 1: The Search Begins

Church leaders determine the process that will be used to identify, evaluate, and hire the next senior pastor.

Phase 2: Preparation

  • The Elders hire Vanderbloemen Search Group to recruit and screen potential candidates.
  • A search committee is formed to evaluate candidates idetified by the search firm.
  • Profile and position description documents are developed and given to the search firm and search committee to guide their work.

Phase 3: Position Posted

  • The job posting is listed on Vanderbloemen's website. Interested candidates can review and apply.
  • The seach committee meets with the search firm to affirm the direction of the search.

Phase 4: Application Screenings 

Vanderbloemen recruits and screens applications through phone interviews, reference checking, reviewing resumes, and listening to past sermons. The top five or six candidates will be presented to the search committee for further evaluation.

Phase 5: Candidate Evaluation

The search committe evalutes the top candidates presented by Vanderbloemen. They will listen to sermons, review resumes and references, conduct interviews, and follow-up with candidates as needed. Vanderbloemen continues to accept applications in case the search committee chooses not to recommend one of the candidates they evaluate.

Phase 6: Recommendation (Current)

The elders receive a recommendation from the search committee. They review the information and meet with the candidate several times. If they affirm the recommendation and vote to move forward, the candidate is scheduled to meet with the congregation and preach on a Sunday morning.

Phase 7: New Pastor Hired

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