What Is A Parish Nurse?

The term “Parish Nurse” is the title used by the American Nursing Association for nurses who specialize in working within the faith community. Parish nursing is a relativity new specialty of nursing that focuses on the service and healing aspects of Christ’s ministry.

The uniqueness of this form of nursing is that it holds to the premise that spirituality greatly impacts the physical, psychological & social aspects of a person’s health and ability to be at their best for serving others.

Parish nursing strives to enhance the church member’s capacity to live life to the fullest as God intended (John 10:10b). Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, gifts from God, and it is our responsibility to maintain them to the best of our ability.

How Can A Parish Nurse Help You?

Our Parish Nurse is available to assist congregants in a number of ways:

  • Personal health counseling
  • Health advocacy
  • Integrating of faith & health
  • Health education
  • Referral to church and community resources
  • Support group development
  • Volunteer coordination

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Parish Nurse

Registered Nurse