Update: Capital Campaign Approved

CBC Family,

I’m excited to let you know that on April 22, the congregation voted to approve a fund-raising campaign for a building expansion and the continued development of a design for the expansion, and to authorize the expenditure of funds needed to develop that design.

The vote was overwhelmingly positive. A 2/3 majority of members present was required to pass the motion. The result was a 98.3% “Yes” vote.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the listening sessions and who were a part of the congregational meeting yesterday. I feel that God used those meetings to bring us together as a congregation. And thanks a lot to Eric Omdal and his team for their leadership over the past couple of months.

The next steps in the process will keep us busy over the summer:

  • A design committee will refine the design of the building expansion plans taking into account much of the feedback we received from you during the listening sessions.
  • We will start recruiting volunteers and planning for a capital campaign that will take place in the fall.

I and the elders and staff are excited about what lies ahead. The capital campaign will be a great opportunity for us to seek the Lord together and grow together as a church. Please be in prayer for God’s leading, provision, and direction as we move forward.


Danny Leavins

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