Sunday Morning (Kingdom Zone)

Kingdom Zone encompasses our Sunday Morning programs. We want to partner with parents in guiding children toward becoming committed disciples of Christ who know Him, reflect His character and are active in His work. It’s our goal to foster a joyful, positive church experience and to build faith foundations that ultimately lead to children becoming kingdom followers of Jesus.

Kingdom Zone classes are in session both service hours during the school year. In summer, KZBabies and KZPreschool classes run both services while KZElementary classes are held during the 8:45 AM service only. 


Infants through age 2

We desire to develop a nurturing and trusting environment in these early years. We believe that infants and toddlers can absorb spiritual concepts through a hands-on teaching method. This is done through highly interactive Bible lessons that include simple Bible stories, songs, and prayer.


Age 2 (by September 1) through 5

We want to create a strong foundation in our preschoolers for future understanding and development of faith in Christ. This is done by utilizing different learning styles and playing with a purpose as intentional games, crafts, and activities are used to reinforce the Biblical lesson each Sunday. 


Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

We give children opportunities to know more about God, His redemptive story and truths in the Bible. We use a dynamic, fun large group format for all elementary students to come together for worship and teaching. Students are then broken into small groups for application, activities and games that reinforce the lesson as well as provide time to build meaningful relationships with peers and leaders.

The Bridge (Sixth Grade)

Sixth graders have a unique Sunday experience during the 8:45 AM service only. These early teens participate in a dynamic class time that helps them to "bridge" the distance between childhood and adulthood. We use this high energy class to emphasize the biblical worldview, reinforce spiritual disciplines and provide spiritual preparation for adolescence. Meets in Room 324.


Masterpiece is a ministry intended to help children with special needs and their families experience love and acceptance during worship, instruction and fellowship at CBC. Children with special needs are paired with a volunteer to help provide one-on-one assistance during a Sunday morning class. To get your child started in Masterpiece, contact Deb Rohrkaste.

Security/Check-in Procedures

  • First–Time Guests: Stop by the Children's Ministry booth to get signed up for KingdomZone! Parents of infants will be given a numbered pager used to contact them if needed during the service. The pager must be returned in order to pick up children at the end of the service. Children and parents will get a set of nametags with a unique numbered code. Children’s ministry volunteers will check those matching nametags in the classrooms before releasing children.
  • Regular Attenders: Parents can check-in all their children at any of our three check-in stations. Each child birth through 5th grade will get a name tag with a unique security code and parents will receive a security tag with a matching code which they will need to claim their children at the end of their morning experience.
  • Our KZWelcome Team will assist parents with our security system if there are questions or complications.
  • All staff and volunteers are screened using application forms, reference checks and criminal background checks.

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